Feeling like fall

It’s Columbus Day, which means autumn in New York is in full swing! Hopefully you’re off from work and enjoying a long weekend. I know I am!

Even though I love summer, I have to admit that I’m more than ready for low humidity, cooler temps, and fall fashion. Fall in the city also brings farmer’s markets, trips out of the city to orchards and pumpkin patches, and cozy restaurants and cocktail bars.

New Orleans Travel Guide

Back in December, I booked a long weekend in New Orleans with some old coworkers. The last minute trip was definitely something I was looking forward to, especially in the middle of January when my mood starts being effected by the winter weather. I’d been to New Orleans with my best friend for a quick trip in 2004 and loved it, though we didn’t get to explore the area outside of the French Quarter. This time around, we were looking for a mix of relaxation, history and of course…a little fun! No trip to “The Big Easy” is complete without a little indulgence.

My New York fairytale

Life has been absolutely crazy the past few weeks, and I missed my anniversary of moving to New York City. So, I wanted to take a moment to talk about my relationship with the city and what it’s meant to become an adult while living here. It always makes me really nostalgic and thankful.

Life in between boring

Welcome! As they say, it starts with one. After spending the last year giving a glimpse into my life on Instagram, it seemed like the right time to officially start blogging. Before I go into detail about what inspired Unlikely Manhattan, I first wanted to explain the little line of copy you'll see at the top of the page. It says so much about me, and the content you can expect to see and hear.